Thursday, September 3, 2009

At the Cottage

We spent the day recently at the cottage of a distant family relative (we're talking great-grandparents being aunts and nieces....) of David's. The cottage was built in 1887, (by a great-uncle type person) and has remained in the family ever since. It has a wonderful, peaceful, atmosphere, and a lovely old smell (not the musty-yucky old smell!). It is on the shore of Lake Erie, and we met up there with David's mother and aunt (and her daughter) to visit Aunt Eleanor.

Here are the children on a large rock on the shore. I know the exposure is off, but I liked the dreamy quality to the picture!

The children really enjoyed playing on the shore. They did a lot of "exploring", and jumping!

Here is the amazing Tim!

A lovely summer day!


The Lee Family said...

Looks like a lovely time :)
Are you all starting school this week? We saw your parent's at their church on Sunday and had a short visit (I'm sure they told you!) It was good to get an update on your family and husband.
hugs and prayers

Tereasa said...

Beautiful! I just love the energy in your children. They bring joy to my soul!

Congratulations on a job well done in your kitchen!