Friday, September 11, 2009

A Productive Summer

This has been a good summer for our tomatoes! We were away for a week in August, and when we came back, Granddad came and helped us harvest the tomatoes that had ripened while we were away. I gave him a small basket. Tim came into the house and emptied it, then he came back again. Eventually Granddad went and found our bushel basket. Here's what we ended up with!

Those little cherry tomatoes - so yummy!! The little yellow ones are less acidic, more mellow, than the reds - but both had fantastic flavour! We also had a few zucchini that were on the vines:

Most of these found their way to other homes, but a couple made their way into my zucchini bread. We gave away a lot of the cherry tomatoes, but the bigger ones I sauced, and canned. Here's what's on my pantry shelves now:

Only six quarts (plus the equivalent of another we ate right away) but what wonderful flavour! I look forward to having some pasta with bottled sunshine in "the bleak midwinter"!

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The Lee Family said...

yum!! They look delicious! Our tomato plants did very poorly this year (probably due to the neglect of us being away so much). What a great harvest - and what great helpers you have!