Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cookies

I hope you all have had a Happy Easter! We had a pretty quiet weekend, which was very welcome! Church services on Easter Sunday, and a visit from grandparents on Saturday, but no "big do". However, that is not to say we did not have some appropriate cookies!

Let me hurry to assure you that the Easter Cookie extravaganza is not me being a super-mom! Emmi got up early one day last week, got her schoolwork out of the way very quickly, and then wanted to bake some cookies! I helped her get set up, but she (and Pip) did all the work of mixing, rolling, cutting out, and baking. Unfortunately, my only good photo of her is with her eyes closed!

I helped her mix the icing, and found the colouring. By then, Ben was finished his schoolwork and came in to help decorate cookies.

The group saved a few cookies for Tim to decorate too. The results were impressive, and delicious! Bunnies, chicks, flowers, hearts, umbrellas and ducks of all possible colours ended up on the drying racks. And there is a nifty set of bunnies and chicks that spell "Daddy" when they are all lined up!

How would you like to decorate your cookie?

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