Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Recognize this guy? Well, you might want to tuck his face into your memory - it could be useful 50 years from now when you're in the grocery store (or equivalent) and run into him. You'll know you've met Ben!
How about this lady? She's 60 years old in this picture, but right now she's running around with her brothers making chalk drawings on the driveway. We're not sure if she'll still have her pigtails in 2060. Yep, that's Emmi.

Both this pictures are from the Ontario Science Centre's Amazing Aging Machine. We took a trip to the Science Centre last week, and tried it out. The machine is best on people aged 8 - 12 (that's why there's no picture of me aged 87!). Pip's picture didn't work out, and Tim didn't want to try, but it was kind of neat, and a little spooky, to see the aged Emmi and Ben looking at us from the Aging Machine's screen. On the whole, I think they turned out quite well!

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