Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer is coming, and springtime is HERE!

The title is a line that Tim had in our latest Jubal concert. At the time, springtime wasn't yet officially here - but I found the line echoing in my head today! Here is what is on our front lawn:

And we had another sure sign of spring today, the inagural use of the laundry lines! I am so blessed to have such lovely, large lines - I can get almost 4 loads onto the lines at one time (especially if I use the top lines for small things like socks). There is something about laundry blowing in the breeze that lifts the heart - and the smell when you are putting it away in drawers, or pulling it out to slip onto little boys, or sliding between it at the end of a long day - is heavenly!

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sarahjane said...

I too have been chanting that poem. And yes - the laundry - what a great gift to be able to hand our clothes out to get dry - I do love spring! Thanks for your happy post!