Sunday, May 9, 2010

Springtime Ramblings

These photos are actually from last month, but I thought I'd put them up now. We went for a ramble with Granny and Granddad in the Shorthills Provincial Park, and saw a good display of these bloodroot right about where we turned around to head back to the van.

As it is Mother's Day, here is a great photo of my mother and me! Happy Mother's Day all you mums!

We heard a good sermon in church today about a faithful mother in the Bible. This mother trained her son (with the help of her mother - the son's grandma) in the faith so well that when the Apostle Paul came through their town, he took the young man along with him to help minister on his travels. Later this young fellow got 2 letters written to him by Paul - his name.. Timothy! The faithful mother was Eunice - my own faithful mother's name!

Here's a gang of us just wandering along - somehow neither of the 2 men on the outing made it into the photo (of course, one was behind the lense of the camera!).

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