Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chess Club

The spring chess club for our homeschool group has wrapped up. It was the first time we'd participated, and we had a great time! The club is taught by Mr. E. who explains different chess ideas, and gives a lot of time to play and practice. The final two weeks were devoted to a tournament that Emmi and Tim played in.

Even though they didn't play in the tournament, Pip and Ben were part of the chess club too. Both can set up the board, and know how to move all the pieces. Ben can even catch you in a wicked "double rook" checkmate if you're not careful!

Chess can require a lot of thought! Emmi said that was the most important thing she learned in the club - to think through a move before you make it! Tim said he had learned so many things, he couldn't pick just one important thing!

Mr. E. encouraged everyone to play different people, so you got a lot of experience with different styles of play. At the end, trophies were handed out to the top three players in the tournament. I think Tim was the most surprized to find out he won first place! Congratulations Tim!!

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