Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drummond Hill Cemetery

Grandma and Grandpa came down recently, and we thought it would be fun to visit a War of 1812 historic site. We picked the Drummond Hill Cemetery - somewhere we'd driven by a lot, but never stopped in at.

The cemetery is on the site of a huge battle in the War of 1812 - the Battle of Lundy's Lane. It happens to be the highest point in Niagara Falls, and so was a key place to control back in 1814, which is when the battle actually took place. In 1895, the monument was build to remember the battle. The monument appeals to all ages - whether it be the cannon on either side, the cannon balls on the monument, the steps that are fun to climb up, or the interesting facts on the informative plaque - there is something there for everyone!

Laura Secord also rests in this cemetery, you can see her monument too.

We picked one of the coldest and windiest days in May to visit. Shortly before we got there, one of the big trees had suffered a lot of wind damage.

There are other interesting graves and markers to visit. There is a professional stuntman who died in a barrell roll (but not when he went over the falls), and in another corner there is a young, visiting Australian who has a kangaroo on his headstone.

We thought the tree growing over the headstone was another interesting touch to this interesting grave. The kangaroo is right at the top, in almost a starburst. We enjoyed our visit, but the weather along with the solemn feel of the cemetery made us quite ready to get in the van to return home for tea and doughnuts!

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